Atsipalaiduok • Mėgaukis • Švęsk

Ekologiško maisto restoranas D'eco, organizuoja pobūvius, šventes, susitikimus.

Vestuvės, Gimtadieniai, Krikštynos, Banketai, Furšetai - mes pasirūpinsime Jūsų pobūviu.

Patikėkite maisto gaminimą tikriems profesionalams, kurie pagal Jūsų pageidavimus sudarys valgiaraštį, nustebinsiantį net išrankiausius svečius. Mūsų organizuojami banketai, furšetai – tai puikus ir sveikas maistas jaukioje erdvėje. Visus patiekalus gaminame tik iš ekologiškos sertifikuotų Lietuvos ūkių produkcijos, taip pat turime puikių vynų ir kitų gėrimų pasirinkimą.

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  • The best restaurant I've ever been to! The service was awesome, the food was extremely tasty, the atmosphere was super friendly, the music was relaxing. It could be felt that the owner was carefully deciding on the details(even the smallest) of his restaraunt. The best (restaurant) experience so far. I loved it! - Dana    
  • "D'eco is one of these rare places in Vilnius that offers complete relaxation and pleasure. The staff do their job perfectly. These young people provide the customers the right amount of skill, knowledge and kindness. The atmosphere is very cosy and calm and there's always good music playing in the background. And lastly the food is extremely good. The last dish I had was the pork ribs and I can say that those we're the best ribs I ever try. The meat melts in your mouth and then there's mashed potatos which remind you of those your grandmother used to make." - Tomas    
  • Leckeres Essen zubereitet aus Zutaten aus der Region! Zudem alles Bio, worauf man hier sehr viel Wert legt und ein Qualitätsunterschied, der sich beim ersten Bissen bereits bemerkbar macht! Am besten gefällt mir bei jedem Besuch aber immer wieder die familiäre, warmherzige Atmosphäre dieses gemütlichen Restaurants. Definitiv empfehlenswert! - Martin    
  • Absolutely the best place in the city - great food and more importantly - the atmosphere! Spending here almost every night - never stops to amaze me. Thank you so much, guys! - Oleg    